How to improve the value of your property

How to Improve the Value of Your Property?

In the UK, the housing market has gradually stagnated due to market uncertainties and the UK’s impending departure from the European Union. With potential home-buyers more cautious about the current climate, what can you do to improve your home value and make your property more enticing?

We look at three ways you can invest into your property and improve its value on the housing market. These investments include:

1) A Brand New Extension

Unlike other countries, UK homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to maximise the potential of their land. Recent statistics show that a home extension can generate an additional £14,000 of profit that is added to the overall home value.

An extension offers a number of benefits to your property. In fact, it’s also becoming popular for the use of EPDM flat roofs to be used. An EPDM flat roof is made by rubber which offers a number of benefits such as durability, longevity and incredibly low installation costs.

2) A New Bathroom

If you’re looking for an affordable investment for your property, a new bathroom could be the answer. Our further research shows that a new bathroom could generate a return on investment of about 50%. Find out more.

Installing a new bathroom gives you an opportunity to be creative and inject fresh life into your home. Depending on the design you choose, you can captivate a potential buyers attention with your brand new bathroom.

3) Adding a Driveway

Never underestimate the value of a driveway. 84% of home buyers won’t consider a property that doesn’t have a driveway. If your property is located in a dense area, it’s even more important to invest in laying out a driveway if possible.

Incredibly, adding a driveway to your property could improve your home value by 10% of its original worth.

Every property in the UK requires different needs. Always do your research into investing in your home and figure out which solution could benefit you the most. For more information on mortgages, click here or understand mortgage terms further here.


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